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Erectile Dysfunction and emotional or physical factors

Erectile Dysfunction Problems can be triggered by either emotional or physical factors, or a combination of both. Having difficulty getting or maintaining an erection with a partner, but no problem having a full erection when masturbate, or when wake up in the morning. Everything is working with at least one partner but not with certain other partners, or with different situations.


Some common conditions that may contribute to not attaining an erection, or to losing it, are:
New relationships, Sense of guilt feelings as a result of extra-marital sex,
Guilty conscience feelings from negative religious conditioning,
Fear and worry of losing erection before your partner is fully satisfied,
Choosing the wrong partner,
Performance anxiety also can bring on or develop erection problems
Worrying about achieving better erections next time can cause a fundamental emotional disturbances. The usual assumption is that if I cannot get an erection on demand I am no longer a real men and it can undermine our perception as well as self-esteem.
Haunted by a time when couldn't get an erection, and became embarrassed or a partner became critical. From then on, the fear that it may happen again was so upsetting that it can be easy to became overly focussed on performance, rather than fully enjoying the shared experience.
This kind of thinking can actually cause it to erectile dysfunction again and again, until it becomes a persistent, self-perpetuating problem.

How to know if suffer from Erectile Dysfunction?

When penis gets hard enough to penetrate a sexual partner and stay hard until you come (ejaculate), we now know what Erectile Dysfunction is not,
The following four pointers should help make the definition a bit more precise. Erectile Dysfunction may very well be present if:
Often or all the time cannot get a sufficient erection to penetrate
The intensity of hardness of erection is not sufficient for adequate penetration until ejaculation.
Sometimes, it is possible to penetrate but lose the erection before ejaculation.
Experiencing Erectile Dysfunction with certain partners and in particular circumstances but not others.

Recent surveys have shown that 68% of men had some degree of Erectile Dysfunction in their lives meaning it did not arose on demand.. But of all the male sex issues, nothing else produces as much anxiety, self-doubt, and shame and strikes more sharply at the very meaning of a man’s life. Social factors intensify the understanding: No erection = no manhood. If there is another failed encounter with challenged by a poor or absent erection, may lead to feelings of despair, futility and uselessness.


There are many physical factors that may interfere with achieving an erection:

For example, impotence may be caused by diabetes, arteriosclerosis, Parkinson's Disease, prostate problems, circulation problems or spinal injuries, among other conditions.

Blood pressure drugs, medications for lowering cholesterol, anti-depressant drugs, tranquilizers, and even over-the-counter medications, such as antihistamines, may interfere with erections.
Some prescription medications may cause impotence:
Certain kinds of operations may also cause impotence such as Prostate or bladder surgery.

The name “Impotence” is self-deflating, inaccurate and judgmental and together with the adjectival form “impotent”, we do not like this word. Why? Both “impotence” and “impotent” words are  have destructive connotations for men. The Dictionary Thesaurus equates “impotent” with “feeble, helpless, ineffective, ineffectual, powerless, unable, weak...” -  How could a natural and common ailment that men experience at some time of their lives be so described? Social myths haven’t helped and misleading information about Erectile Dysfunction, wrongly described as “impotence” is widespread and unhelpful.

An instance of ED may leads to persistent ED symptoms

Lifelong or Chronic ED can be a long-term condition with no identifiable cause.
Acquired ED can be identified when it starts at a particular point in time.
Depending on circumstances ED arises only in particular conditions or partners.
With the start of ED, most men reacts with negative emotions, first ED experience is a defining moment in men’s life as severe event.

As a result of Erectile Dysfunction, depression, hopelessness, unhappiness, anxiety, and melancholy has been known to occur. An affected man may turn to the Alcohol for comfort and ease, or have self-destructive thoughts and a general sense of the futility of existence. Men see ED as a personal disaster. Also, it doesn't only lead to confidence and self-esteem issues but also may lead to very serious and complex health issues. The longer Erectile Dysfunction is left untreated the more physical and psychological damage is done and it can easily become a vicious cycle.

The fear of repeated Erectile Dysfunction opens way to negative self-thoughts and relationship issues, making the ED condition worse and self-perpetuating. Some men who suffer from ED work so hard at trying to get their penis erect that more they try, more performance anxiety is fuelled and this continues to be a vicious cycle.

In depth signs of ED Syndrome

Avoidance of sexual encounters as its feared they will lead to self-humiliation

Humiliation and embarrassment can lead a man to unable to face discussing the problem with others and - sometimes when it is very distressing and painful it is even possible to conceal the issue from themselves.
Loss of self-esteem and lack of self-confidence and believing not to be man enough
Avoiding relationships and sex
Some men turn to alcohol and recreational drugs to deal with their ED. Ultimately, this will increase the risk of deteriorating performance issues
Withdrawal from partner. because Erectile Dysfunction let them down.
It is possible to lose interest in having sex together and be self absorbed
Erectile Dysfunction issues will in the long run can undermine a loving relationship. Sometimes, it may be that she blames herself and thinks she is not attractive any more.
Persistent attempts to get an erection with prolonged foreplay with not enough erection can be very embarrassing and self-defeating.

How to overcome psychologically caused erection problems

An occasional occurrence of impotence happens to just about every man. Knowing that can help you relax and allow your natural sexuality to surface.

It's best to allow plenty of time for relaxation and pleasurable foreplay before beginning intercourse.
Unless a partner is among the small percentage of women who can reach orgasm during intercourse, it will ease the pressure on you if you first bring her to orgasm manually or orally, before attempting intercourse.
Focus on the sensual pleasure and the feeling throughout the non-genital parts of body, rather than concentrating only on penis. Some men with a tendency to lose erections will rush into intercourse prematurely for fear they will "lose it" if they wait. If your pattern for getting and losing erections meets the criteria for psychological rather than physical problems, this is self-defeating behaviour. Developing an awareness of pleasurable sensations throughout your body will help you overcome this problem. Practice stroking the non-genital parts of body through self-pleasuring or pleasuring from a cooperative partner. Your confidence will grow as you notice your erection keeps returning.

Give equal consideration to all the right conditions for creating healthy sexual functioning. These may include:
Knowing and trusting your partner,
Choosing someone you're physically attracted to,
Finding comfortable settings for sexual intimacy,
Being in a relaxed state of mind, and taking your time.

It is possible not to get the desired results by following the above suggestions; possibly due to a hidden psychological cause. such as recognizing a general pattern of catastrophizing which continues to colour your reactions in sexual encounters.

Virmax and VirmaxX39 is designed to give a man the boost he needs so that he get his confidence back and not think twice about repetitive failures, Virmax+39 is designed to work when a man is nervous, anxious or under pressure to perform and it is understood after see it working and that there is nothing to worry about he can focus his energy on enjoying the experience to the fullest and in time a man can get his confidence and performance back and do without VirmaxX39, we also offer peace of mind 45 days money back guarantee with test packets.

Premature Ejaculation

Many men have issues with premature ejaculation, how many times a man thinks, damn, if only I could have lasted a bit longer. Sex should be passionate and intimate and most importantly moments shared must be special for yourself and for your partner as well.

It takes  longer time for women to climax than men and most women have problems reaching to orgasm through intercourse because most men can not last long enough.

Of course there are other ways for a woman to reach to orgasm other than intercourse and it is easier to reach to orgasm in other ways than sexual intercourse but once a woman reaches to orgasm through vagina with good, proper sex, they will tell the intensity of orgasm is a lot higher and better with intercourse.

Serotonin plays a major factor about how soon a men ejaculates. It is a normalising hormone that is produced in the brain.

Serotonin hormone makes nerves system less excited, kind of relaxed and this results in less sensitive penis, usually sensitivity of penis is increased when a man is stressed or tired, not sleeping enough or on time, all this factors has an effect on the central nervous system.

The advice of masturbation first before sex is misleading because this also takes passion away and makes sex almost mechanical.

Using Virmax Stop for Premature Ejaculation,

Virmax Stop can be taken once daily ideally before going to sleep at night, not more than five (5) capsules at a time, please see our Faq page for detailed instructions. After a user feels confident and has reached his desired results, the dosage of Virmax Stop can be reduced, depending on the needs of man.

Although dependent on the severity of the premature ejaculation problem, typically users who follow a recommended program should see permanent results after the discontinuation of usage provided they sleep and rest regularly in their lives.

In addition to being used as a long-term regime, Virmax Stop can also be used in a short-term capacity for quick results.

Virmax Stop has 45 days money back guarantee, it is all herbal and does not have side effects, enjoy sex and the intimacy of a healthy relationship better with Virmax Stop.

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